School of Nursing: Facilities

Pupils receive training in an atmosphere conducive to their all round development - physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual. Among the facilities are :
- a well-equipped demonstration room,
- a library with about 6,700 books and 4 periodicals,
- an auditorium
- a shrine and prayer hall.
- regular programme of in-service training for qualified nurses is conducted by the institution to improve and maintain a high standard to prepare them for higher courses. The nursing tutors and other members of the nursing staff are also encouraged to acquire higher professional qualifications.
- The Annual Swami Vivekananda Birth Centenary Memorial Ceompetition in music, painting, recitation and elocution for student nurses of West Bengal are held every year. Student Nurses from different Schools and Colleges of Nursing in and around Kolkata participate in the said competitions.
- Among the other cultural and religious functions held during the year are Saraswati Puja, Christmas Eve, Independence Day and Republic Day. These are celebrated with great aplomb, with impressive parades and folk dances, tableaus and patriotic songs as befitting the different occasions.
- A Scholarship Fund has been created out of donations received for awarding scholarships and prizes to student nurses of the institution.

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